United by our commitment to excellence, Cavaliers know that with each day comes an opportunity to get stronger, faster and smarter. In this spirit, we partnered with Nike to evolve the face of Virginia Athletics. Using iconic elements from the brand, we crafted new marks that articulate the strength, diversity and ethos of our program and speak to a new generation of Hoos.

Message from the Director of

Eighteen months ago, we began an ambitious project to evolve and strengthen the University of Virginia Athletics visual identity program. Partnering with Nike, we set out to identify the essence of the program and translate it into renewed design that felt true to who we are. The result is a new identity system that reflects the bold strength of Virginia Athletics and the timeless spirit of the University.

After years of hard work, discussions with our coaches and student-athletes, this moment was meant to be both a launching pad to the future and a time of celebration. But, as with so many recent milestones, the excitement surrounding today's reveal has become rightfully dwarfed by the weight of our current circumstances. And, in many ways, new marks and uniforms seem almost trivial in the midst of such seismic events.

That said, while we would have chosen different timing and circumstances, it is important that we proceed. Moving forward with this new identity system is a vital part of our preparation for the Fall and the hopeful return to UVA Athletics competition. In this way, it is also symbolic of our belief that we will not only endure our current circumstances but that we will be stronger because of them. In time, we will gather in arenas and stadiums once again. Together we will cheer for the Hoos, united by our love of the game, our community, this great institution, and our remarkable student-athletes, coaches, and staff. At our core, we are all Cavaliers.

The V-Sabre has captured the fighting spirit of our student-athletes, Virginia Athletics and those who support us. As I reflect on our current circumstances – circumstances marked by profound change and uncertainty – I believe this powerful and competitive energy is needed now more than ever before.


Carla Williams  ·  Director of Athletics